All cloud storage services with free space

In this article we will show you a complete list of storage services that offer free cloud space.


Collect all of these storage services at cloud, files or photos will help you easily and quickly choose which service meets your needs. Let's start

The big names
First on our list are the "big names", that is, they offer a decent size of space. You may have heard of most of them, but it doesn't hurt to take a look.



Free storage: 2GB plus bonus
Paid programs: $ 10 / month or $ 100 / year for 1TB
One of the most popular options for storing in the cloud is it dropbox, which holds a loyal customer base, thanks to fast applications, mobile or desktop, as well as several effective tools. Free storage is relatively small, of the order of 2GB, although users can earn permanent upgrades if they bring their friends: 500GB once with the maximum 16GB.



Free storage: 10GB
Paid Schedule: $ 10 / month for 100GB
The Box is a popular alternative to Dropbox's location, offering more free storage space. Its applications are available for mobile and desktop platforms, and offer many services. His free personal accounts offer a generous 10GB, but you can upload files with a maximum of only 250MB per file.


Google Drive

Free storage: 15GB shared
Paid programs: $ 5 / month for 30GB, $ 1 / month for unlimited space (per user)
All Google users have access to their shared space Google Drive which is offered as a package for all tools, such as Gmail and Google Docs, in a combined set of 15GB. There's plenty of space, but it can quickly fill up if you're an active Gmail email user. But saving photos using Google Photos is unlimited.



Free storage: 50GB
Paid programs: $ 5 / month for 200GB, $ 10 / month for 2TB, $ 20 / month for 4TB, $ 30 / month for 8TB
The MEGA is an online storage the extremely generous size of 50GB, although there is a 10GB upload / download limit per 30 minutes. MEGA has been built to host and share files, but its web interface does not have some of the most advanced tools offered by its competitors. However, it really offers giant data storage either in the free program or in the paid at low cost.


Microsoft Onedrive

Free Storage: 5GB
Paid programs: $ 2 / month for 50GB, $ 7 / month for 1TB
Microsoft 's integrated cloud storage solution, the OneDrive, offers 5GB free space for all users. Apps are available for other platforms, and more expensive programs come with free subscription to Ofiice 365.



Free Storage: 5GB
Paid programs: $ 5 / month for 1TB, $ 8 / month for 2TB
The Sync emphasizes safety with a zero-knowledge backup system as well as easy exchange and collaboration. Offers standard folder synchronization tools for both mobile and desktop applications.

Free cloud for storing only photos
These services are primarily - and sometimes exclusively - only for photographs in various formats. Usually when users have a large or unlimited space to upload photos, they are in compressed quality, with "originals" only available in paid programs.

  • Amazon Prime Photos: Unlimited free photo storage for Prime subscribers. Programs for non-Prime users start at $ 12.
  • Canon Irista: 15GB free photo storage (even for camera owners unrelated to Canon). Paid programs start at $ 2,25.
  • cluster: At this time, Cluster offers free and obviously unlimited space for full-sized photos with built-in group sharing tools.
  • Facebook: The has no limit on the number of photos posted to user accounts, but all images are compressed.
  • Flickr: His free program offers 1TB space for full quality photos.
  • Fujifilm X World: Fuji's official storage service offers free 5GB space for top quality photos you can share in.
  • Google Photos: It gives you unlimited space for compressed photos, but files with "original quality" are attributed to your Google Drive space.
  • Instagram: You have unlimited space to upload photos to Instagram, but not particularly high quality.
  • Ipernity: It is a social network based on photography and only offers 200MB free space to users. Ipernity Club accounts with no limits and no ads start at $ 10 per month.
  • Nikon Space Image: Nikon company gives 2GB storage space for full quality photos to all users, but owners of recent photos Nikon cameras are upgraded to 20GB.
  • Photobucket: The space for uploading maximum photo quality is limited to 2GB only.
  • Piccam: For maximum quality photos you can get up to 15 GB for free accounts. With unlimited storage capabilities, the service is available in $ 5 per month.
  • Shoebox: Unlimited free compressed photo space, with full-quality upgrades for $ 5 per month.
  • Shutterfly: Unlimited free photo area, charged for photo prints available through the website and applications.
  • Sony PlayMemories: Unlimited storage for automatic uploading of photos from Sony phones and cameras.

Photos are probably one of the most important things you need to keep back, considering you can never re-create them. So you need to be sure that you store your valuable family photos and what security each service provides.

The change"
If all of the above is not enough, then see every other cloud storage service on the internet that provides a free program (or storage included with another service).

  • 4shared: 15GB free space with 2GB limit per file. It is applicable to all mobile and desktop platforms. His paid program costs $ 78 the time for 100 GB. (thank you user freedom)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: All users can get 5GB free storage space.
  • Apple iCloud : 5GB free storage with any Apple device.
  • ASUS WebStorage: 5GB free storage, ASUS devices are not required, but there is a daily 500MB traffic limit.
  • BT Cloud: If you are in England and a subscriber of British Telecom then you can get 5GB-500GB free storage based on the price of your service package.
  • Degoo: encrypted synced backups (not standard cloud access) to free 100GB storage. Premium accounts offer 2TB to back up at $ 10.
  • ElephantDrive: 2GB free storage space.
  • FlipDrive: The free one it gives you 10GB of storage, but each file is limited to 25MB.
  • Hidrive: Free 5GB storage without any file size or traffic limits.
  • HubiC: European service with 25GB free storage. The application and API support seems to be poor.
  • iDrive: 5GB free storage with extra space for friend invitations. Integrated with onedrive and Office 365.
  • Jottacloud: European storage with 5GB free access. Unlimited upgrade costs only 7,5 euros per month.
  • Jumpshare: Desktop-focused sharing service. Free accounts are limited to 2GB of storage with a file limit of 250MB each.
  • MediaFire: Long service with 10GB free storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 4GB limit for each file.
  • Memopal: Desktop service offering 3GB free storage for backup and synchronization.
  • MiMedia: 10GB storage in free accounts with apps available on desktop, Android and iOS.
  • MozyHome: Free accounts start at 2GB plus bonuses for other users' invitations.
  • OpenDrive: 5GB free storage as well as a complete synchronization service and task manager. File limit 100MB maximum.
  • OwnDrive: SSL/TLS κρυπτογραφημένη αποθήκευση με μόνο 1GB για τους δωρεάν λογαριασμούς. Παρέχονται δωρεάν εργαλεία περιήγησης, μια συσκευή αναπαρς s, RSS reader, and more.
  • pCloud: "Up to 20GB" storage offers for free accounts. That is, 10GB by default and another 10GB available from friend invitations. Facebook and Instagram accounts can save backups automatically.
  • SafeCopy: 3GB free storage without sub-limits in files. Upgrades to competitive annual prices.
  • Strato Hidrive: European service based on free accounts of 5GB e-mail storage with attached backup.
  • Syncplicity: This service focuses on 10GB free storage for individual personal accounts. The size of each file is unlimited, but for more advanced features you need to get into a paid program.
  • Verizon Cloud: 2GB free space to back up your smartphone. It has competitive prices in its paid programs, but it is available only to Verizon customers.
  • Weiyun: Service based on China and with 10GB free storage. There was an earlier reference for '10TB storage,' but this does not seem to be the case.
  • Yandex.Disk: Service based on with 10GB of free storage and up to 10GB of bonus storage if you join the “special offers”. Includes photo viewing and sharing tools.
  • Zoolz Cloud Archive: Service that focuses on backing up with 7GB free space, shared with two computers and with applications for all mobiles.

Cloud storage seems to be a particularly volatile market. According to this we found several services that had started and closed within just a few years of existence. So it's best not to trust important files or photos exclusively to a single service or location. If you've found other cloud or photo storage services that offer free storage (and aren't free for a time trial), and we haven't included it in the list, or if one of the above services has been shut down, leave a comment below and we'll update the article. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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