Change permissions on GDrive files through Gmail

Google appears to be allowing you to change permissions on Google Drive files directly from Gmail.

Let us remember how it was before.

You sent a link to a friend to download a file stored on your Google Drive, but forgot to give them permission to download it.

Well, you can now access Google Drive files directly from your Gmail. See the following gif published by the company:


Google announced the update and confirmed that you can now grant viewing, commenting, or editing rights to Google Drive files directly through Gmail. In addition, the company said that you will be able to change the permissions of Google Drive files on devices with iOS, Android and the web for Gmail.

The company has already started to provide information to users of its services. If you are waiting for the new addition, it should be activated in your account by November 7th.

This Gmail update makes the service much easier for users and is obviously an example of smart UX.

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