Alpha Bank caution releases new phishing message

A new dangerous phishing message is currently circulating in Greece. The message is supposed to have been sent by Alpha Bank asking you to change your password and PIN, stating:

Dear customer,
We have detected many invalid login attempts on your account. For this reason, we have decided to temporarily suspend your access to online banking.
The Alpha Bank. has been under attack in cyberspace for a few weeks now. We have improved our security system to protect our customers from such threats or any unauthorized use.
Please login to verify your account and PIN immediately at
Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.
Yours, Alpha Bank.

2021 07 06 9 46 28

In the above text there is a URL which does not lead to the bank but to the address https: // agape (dot) org (dot) mx / asecurd / alpha. Of course this is a page that has been created to steal your password and PIN.

The above message, although it seems to have been translated correctly, at the end states "Yours, Alpha Bank", which shows that the attackers are not fluent in Greek. You should also be aware that no bank will ask you to change your email code as requested by the sender above.



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