Amazon finally brings AutoRip to Europe


Amazon has launched the AutoRip service in Europe - which offers free mp3 downloads to those who buy the corresponding music on CD or vinyl. This service has been operating in the US since January. The service is currently operating at Italy In  France and to Germany .

When customers buy the natural copies of the album from Amazon, then digital copies will automatically be added to their Amazon cloud player libraries for free (if they come from record companies that Amazon has already signed up for). Which and how many albums are available varies from state to state Der Spiegel says that German users will be able to get digital copies of 500.000 albums, for example.

Customers will be able to get MP3 copies of the natural albums they have purchased for Amazon before the roll-out. In Germany, the service is valid for all albums already purchased by 1999, while in France it is also true for music purchased after 2000. MP3 releases will automatically be added to users' Cloud Player for free and no storage limits will be charged to Cloud Player, which for those who have not paid users is currently limited to 250 songs. The service is even valid on cartridges purchased during the relevant period.

The new service has not begun in the UK but is expected to follow in the future.

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