Ambilight: Watch videos on YouTube like in the movies

The extension Chrome's Ambilight brings a whole new dimension to watching YouTube videos as it simulates the movie theater.


If you're tired of YouTube's look, which is generally pretty good, but hasn't changed in a while, then I recommend you try the look of the Chrome extension, YouTube Ambilight. This auxiliary will give you the feeling of a small movie theater while watching YouTube videos.

YouTube Ambilight will place one reflection around the video you are watching, which will be colored by the respective colors of the video. The following steps will guide you how to use the YouTube Ambilight extension in Chrome.

Step 1: Download the YouTube Ambilight extension in the Chrome browser and install it.

Step 2: Once the installation is complete, open YouTube and you will immediately see the new appearance of YouTube. Your screen will have a dark background and a frame will appear around the video whose blurred colors will alternate depending on the colors of the video.

Step 3: If you want you can adjust the effect by clicking on the gear icon which has the letters AL on it. Press to display the settings panel. There is the possibility of adjusting the lighting, the contrast, the reflection area of ​​the light, the size of the video screen. Each adaptation is divided into other subgroups.

The Ambilight extension offers a completely different στην προβολή ενός βίντεο στο YouTube, κάνοντάς σας να νιώσετε σαν να είστε σε κινηματογράφο. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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