Anak Krakatau before and after: the first pictures

The entire southwest side of Indonesia's Anak Krakatau volcano appears to be missing, as new images from a satellite radar show. The eruption of the volcano caused huge landslides on December 22, creating a tsunami that killed more than 420 people.

The images come from the JAXA ALOS-2 satellite and then analyzed by the Japanese Geoinformatics Authority, according to Associated Press.

Normal satellite photos of the volcano were not possible due to the continuous cloud cover of dust in the area. The first image was taken two days before the explosion at 20 August 2018 and the second after two days 24 December of 2018.

Looking at the photographs, it seems that the entire southwestern part of Anak Krakatau disappeared, probably from a flood-like landslide caused by the continuous eruptions. The following tsunami erupted along beaches along Indonesia's Sunda Strait, killing hundreds.Anak Krakatau

As the pictures show, Krakatau is much smaller than before landslide. The concentric circles are the waves that are removed from the island of Anak Krakatau.

Anak Krakatau began to show signs of intense activity in July, but in the past two weeks it was particularly active.

For history, 1883 has been another major explosion, sending waves across the planet, not one but four times in a row. The explosion affected the global climate and caused temperature drops around the world.


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