Anbox run Android applications and games on Linux

Do you want to run Android applications or games in Linux environment? There are several options, but the one that works best is Anbox. It is a tool that runs your favorite Android applications on Linux without emulation.

There are several tools for macOS and Windows that can run Android applications, but the Anbox application runs on Linux.

android apps on linux

It is a free open source tool and is based on the latest version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It offers you an Android environment in a window of your system.

Anbox uses containers to separate Android from the operating system, allowing you to run Android games on Linux.
Anbox has no limits, so in theory you can run any Android application on Linux. You do not need hardware virtualization, so Anbox will work just as well on a laptop, regardless of system specifications.

It's free and comes as a snap package. This means that any packages needed to run are included in a single package, facilitating installation. But that means that if your Linux operating system can't use snaps, you can't have Anbox either. The snapd service required to install snaps is compatible with distributions:

Arch Linux
Linux Mint

On Ubuntu, snapd comes pre-installed from version 14.04 onwards.

To install the Anbox application on the distribution you are interested in visit the official page support.

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