And Yet It Hurt is played on Notepad (free)

And Yet It Hurt: How would you like a game played on Notepad? Daniël Haazen, also known as Sheepolution, came up with the idea and created the game And Yet It Hurt. The final product is an ASCII art style RPG that is played entirely in Notepad. To see it.

When Daniël tried to create this game, he realized that there was a problem he could not manage. Windows Notepad does not check for file changes, so to play, you would need to open the text files one by one, read them, make changes, and save them. The player had to close and open files after each change, which was not so pleasant.

So Daniël decided to leave Windows Notepad and deal with free but strong application Notepad ++.

Notepad ++ can instantly detect changes to files, which loosened Daniël's hands.

And Yet It Hurt

Once you run the game, you are presented with a story. You choose player name and gender, but you are a guy in a medieval setting. One day, a dragon burns down your house, killing your parents.

After a few days of grief, you come to the obvious conclusion. You must kill the dragon to get revenge. You take some quick combat lessons and then you are in a city to buy weapons.

You can collect weapons, armor, objects and "lives". The story is simple, and most importantly, the game is played in a very special way. The source code of the game is on GitHub. You can read about the developer's efforts to make the game at blog of.

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