AndEX Oreo 8.1 build 180202 Android on your PC with the Google Play Store

The AndEX Oreo 8.1 operating system is an Android-x86 clone, allowing you to run Android on your PC and also use apps from the Google Play Store.

We are talking about the new version of AndEX Oreo 8.1 that has just been released.
AndEX Oreo
Previous versions of AndEX allowed you to install the latest Android Oreo mobile operating system on your personal computer but did not allow you to install Android apps from the Google Play Store. All previous versions used a packet manager called Aptoide App Manager.

According to project developer Arne Exton, the new AndEX Oreo 8.1, build 180202, works without any problems with the Google Play Store, allowing users to directly install the applications they want without an app manager.

In addition, in his last build AndEX Oreo 8.1 comes with three pre-installed window launchers: Windows 10 Launcher, Microsoft Launcher and OO Launcher, an improved Android Oreo style launcher that offers many useful features and enhancements over other launchers.

AndEX Oreo 8.1 build 180202 runs with Linux Kernel 4.9.54 and features the GAPPS (Google Apps) package that gives users access to many of Google's services.

The developer of the project reports that the new distribution comes with a new installation method, which he describes in detail on the official website.

Caution: distribution is not available for free (although the amount requested by the developer does not exceed 10 dollars).

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