A man swallowed an AirPod that did not stop working

Mr. Bradford Gautier managed to swallow an AirPod in his sleep, but after his expulsion from his body he continued to work without any problems.


Bradford Gauthier recounted his experience in a interview with The Guardian. Apparently, the AirPod fell on his pillow while he was in bed watching a movie drowsy and somehow strangely ended up in his throat.

The next morning he realized that he had lost the AirPod and could not find it through the "find the Airpod" function as his battery was empty. He also realized that he had a problem drinking water because something "had stuck" in his esophagus, but he did not make the connection, until his son jokingly said to him: "did you swallow it in your sleep?"

He went to a doctor where he took an x-ray and found the lost AirPod stuck in his esophagus. The doctor did not want to let it get the natural way out through the digestive system, as he feared that it might get stuck in the intestine or break on the way. He removed it with a long forceps that penetrated her mouth and so Gautier avoided the worst.

Upon arriving home, Gautier found that the AirPod worked perfectly, although its microphone was slightly less efficient than before.

This is not the first time an AirPod has survived in its owner's body. In 2019, a man in Taiwan tried to locate his AirPod with the Find My Airpod feature on his iPhone and chasing the sound of the AirPod around his room. Eventually, he realized that the AirPod was hitting his stomach.



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