Android: Delete Facebook and you will have + 20% battery life

Facebook continues to have a problem developing the Android app. Facebook's central item officer, Chris Cox, even encourages his staff to use Android devices to see the problem closely, to figure it out to find a solution.

What problem are we talking about? Of course the battery life.

This particular problem has been reported since January in Android Central specifically for the Facebook application. But it seems that there are others who are still testing how long the allegations about the reduced battery life are. facebook battery

Ashu of the TWZ (Tech World Zone) decided to test on his device, and found that the battery performance and battery life of his Android improved dramatically when he completely removed Facebook's phone application.

A team Redditors then they started their own tests and they were all excited about the impressively improved battery performance when they deleted the application.

The TWZ columnist even tried the application Metal for Android, which is just a wrapper for Facebook's mobile site. Using a Huawei Nexus 6P to test, the phone had a 20% longer battery life during the day. This continued for one week as the tests were held.

The TWZ website contacted the company and a spokesman replied:

"We've heard reports from a few people experiencing speed issues coming from our Android app. We are investigating the matter and will inform you as soon as possible. "

The company's spokesman said nothing about the battery life.

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