Android 11 has just been released

Google is ready to release Android 11 to the general public. Tuesday's announcement came after several months of testing in beta and updates.

The update is already available for Google Pixel devices (Pixel 2 and later) and for OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme devices.

It should be noted that from the new features that Google has added to the new operating system, it has made some changes to the privacy. For example, you can no longer grant applications one-time access to your microphone, camera, or location. Each time you open the application, you will be asked again if you want to approve the request again.

Another privacy feature may revoke the permissions of applications that you have not used in the past, preventing any unnecessary access to applications that you have installed and used only once.

Google is also improving the way Android 11 manages business and personal profiles for corporate users - better separating personal and work data, preventing the IT administrator from accessing any of your personal data.

But the question remains the same for every major Android update: How long will it take to get to devices from companies like Samsung, and especially to devices that are one or two years old?

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