Android 12 device control with facial movements

Android 12 will be a great update on all the phones they manage to get, and as it turns out, it will include features that many will want to copy.

One such example was added to Android 12 features with the release of the latest beta. According to XDA, is called Camera Switches and will allow users to control their phones with facial movements.

So, as it seems in a little while you will turn a blind eye to your phone.

Android 12

Essentially, what Camera Switches do is allow you to enable a range of Android features using your facial gesture, just as you do with voice commands.

There are several facial expressions currently supported, although Google could add more later, such as mouth opening, smile, eyebrow raising, and right, left, and up gaze.

android 12 control

"Camera switches use the front camera to see if you are looking at the screen and recognize facial movements. Images are not saved or sent to Google. When the function is activated, it uses an extra battery. ” says Google.

While this feature may be a welcome replacement for voice commands, the simple fact that it requires more power clearly limits it.

Google could probably perfect it until Android 12 is officially released, but for now, if you want to use facial expressions, make sure there is an outlet nearby.

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