Android 12 has just released the developer preview

Today, the Google announced it Android 12, the next version of the mobile operating system to be released this fall.

As usual, it is an important update and the first developer preview is already available for testing.

There are many changes to the UX in general. As it leaked, the alerts are being redesigned and will be faster, easier to use, more functional and more modern.


Navigation changes a bit, or at least in exciting modes. When watching a video or doing something else that requires a full screen experience, the Google states that it will continue to protect you from accidental movements. But now you will not have to scan many times to return to the home screen, or for each navigation on your device.

There are also many improvements in the media. H Google Support for AV1 (AVIF) platform, which is higher quality than JPEG, with no larger file sizes.

The Android 12 It also brings multi-channel audio enhancements, with support for MPEG-H with mixers, converters and effects optimized for up to 24 channels.

There is a new rich content import API designed to make it easy to move images, videos and similar files. It is a unified API that allows applications to download, copy and paste files from the clipboard.

Η Google reported that he is working to update more features of Android through the Play Store. With the Android 12, the Android Runtime module can be updated via the Play Store, which can really improve performance without requiring an entire system update.

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