Android apps that work neatly with your computer

The computer is no longer the A and O in the world of technology anymore, since more and more of us are turning to tablets and smartphones.

But this does not mean that we should abandon a smooth flow of work and cooperation between these devices. Below we will see 5 Android apps, that work perfectly with your computer in ways that make it easier to stay productive on whatever platform you are, with minimal effort. See the applications.


 1. Astro File Manager

Staying productive on your mobile device often means browsing around the Android file system. This file system is hidden from users by default. Astro allows you to take a deep tour.

In fact, it is not enough. Astro also has deep search capabilities that can find your files no matter where they are hidden on your phone, as well as "Cloud Hopping" technology that allows you to store them in the cloud.

Install here.

 2. AirDroid 2

The awesome AirDroid 2 app lets you move files wirelessly between your smartphone and your computer, even if they are not close to each other. Easy-to-use features do not end there. You can have full access to your smartphone from the computer, photos, sms, calls, reply to sms from the computer directly, turn on the camera and much more. In particular, you can do all this if you are connected to the same network, for a remote connection you will have to pay. You do not need to install anything on the computer, browse directly through the browser by entering an ip address that will appear on the screen of your smartphone.

Install here.

3. Google Cloud Print

You will often wonder what happens to the relationship between smartphone and print! Google Cloud Print is the solution, once you connect your computer to Google Cloud Print, you can print whatever you want via the cloud to any printer connected to your network.

Install here.

4. Evernote

One of the top digital notebooks. You just have to install Evernote on your mobile as well as on your computer, so you'll have all your appointments or any note format you choose to save on both your computer and your smartphone without having to spend it twice .

Evernote for Pc.

Evernote for Android.

5. OneNote

It is Microsoft's response to Evernote. Very friendly, easy-to-use and instantly syncing and displaying your notes on your smartphone. So anything you enter either from the computer or from your smartphone will be instantly displayed on both devices!

OneNote for Pc.

OneNote for Android.

Also, fill in the many cloud storage options that have been shown in recent years. I do not have to go into analyzes because they do all the same thing. Immediate access to your files from anywhere you go and from any device. The only difference is the personal choice of each one of us.

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  1. dropbox.
  2. Google Drive.
  3. Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. SpiderOak.

There are definitely other options, these are the best known. To access your files via PC, you can do this in two ways, either by installing the corresponding program of each company which will create a separate tab on your system for anything you want to share, or online through your browser without to do any further installation, other than the application on the smartphone. Below you will find the versions for Windows.

  1. dropbox.
  2. Google Drive.
  3. Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. SpiderOak.

There are also publications for other functionalities. Mac, Linux, IOs. See their pages.

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