Android: Check your battery status

Android: Saving battery life is an important asset for all smartphones users. But aside from keeping the battery life in everyday use, have you ever considered the total battery life of your phone?

Over time, the batteries wear out, as we have seen recently with it iPhone deceleration case.

Batteries cannot hold a charge as they originally did, so your device usage is reduced faster during the day even if your battery is fully charged. So it seems very important to be able to check the battery health of your phone to see what you can do to maintain it.

Below is a free app to help you do this on Android.Android

You can download it for free Accubattery application. It's not the only one dealing with your battery condition, but it does seem to do a great job.

Once installed, the app will show you a brief introduction to what it does, including a battery life survey. They have found that by charging your battery only to a maximum of 80 percent (instead of 100 percent), you can increase your battery life considerably.

Finally, a slider will appear, from which you can set a charge alert.

The application recommends setting the limit to 80%, but you can also choose a different one if desired. After that, the application will run a quick calibration and you are ready.

To see the results, you'll need to use your device normally for a while.

After some time, the Accubattery app will collect the information you need about your phone's battery and use, and will show you the statistics. It will show results after one or two days of use, but the results will be much more reliable after using the app for weeks or even months.

The app will show you how long your battery lasts on the discharge tab, as well as details on average battery consumption, app usage, and more.

Use the Charging tab to see how fast your device is charging, and the Health tab to check your battery's wear and tear and compare with a new one.

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