Android: the best security products

Android security: One recent survey conducted by the AV-TEST testing lab evaluates the performance of 20 different security products for Android mobile devices.

The best results are once again coming from top domain names like Bitdefender Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Symantec Sophos and others.Android

The 2018 survey in November examined each product in three different stages, protection, usability and features. Each product could receive a maximum of six units for each individual test plus one for the attributes.

The maximum score of 13 points was achieved by Trend Micro Mobile Security, Tencent WeSecure, Symantec Norton Mobile Security, Sophos Mobile Security, McAfee Mobile Security, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security for Android, G Data Internet Security and Bitdefender Mobile Security.

Instead, Google Play Protect, which is embedded in the Google Play Store, got the lowest score (4,5 points) as you will see in the image below.

In addition to Google Play Protect, the worst performance was also the NSHC Droid-X 3, which received just 3 degrees for protection, 6 units for usability and 1 point for features.

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