Android: Your apps are tracking How to stop them

Duck Duck Go started out as a search engine focused on privacy. It obviously had (and still has) serious competition with Google.

However, the company continues and in fact was not satisfied with offering only this service but also started to develop a browser. This program was built, from the beginning, to be just as focused on privacy as the search engine.

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The first platform released by the Duck Duck Go browser was Android and although I do not use it as a browser, it has a feature on which I depend completely.

This feature is called App Tracking Protection and blocks third-party tracking programs hidden in the applications you have installed. Properly, monitoring is not only done by a browser, but also by any of the applications you have installed.

In today's world of constant privacy breaches and security threats, you need to block any kind of surveillance.

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After installing Duck Duck Go and activating Application Tracking Protection, I can get an idea of ​​what happens to tracker blocking when an application is in use or even when not in use for weeks or months.

The Duck Duck Go browser will block any monitoring attempt without you having to do anything. So apps (and the companies behind them) can't track your behavior whether you use the app or not.

It should be noted here that App Tracking Protection is currently in beta, and you will need to request an invitation to activate the feature.

Follow the steps below

You must first install the Duck Duck Go browser on your Android.
Open the Google Play Store and search for Duck Duck Go.
Locate the application and click Install

Once the installation is complete, open the Duck Duck Go application and press the menu (three vertical bars at the top right) and click Settings in the popup menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu and click App Tracking Protection.

When prompted, click Subscribe to Private Waiting List to add to mailing list. You will not have to wait long. Close the application and wait a few minutes before opening it again.

When you are accepted into the beta program, go back to the Settings menu and click App Tracking Protection. You should now see the On / Off slider.

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