Android: integration of Meet service in Gmail

Google announced in June that it will begin integrating the Meet conferencing service into the Gmail app on Android and iOS devices.

The development of this feature went ahead for the iOS version of the application and was released last week. The company announced that today the distribution on Android devices begins.

With the integration, users will be able to easily participate in video conferencing directly from Gmail to Android.

A special Meet tab will allow users to control their schedule, join a meeting, create a new meeting and more without having to switch between applications. Users can also use a password given to them to join a meeting.

The integration is part of a broader company plan to make Gmail a central communication application. As part of these efforts, the company is redesigning the Gmail application for business customers.

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G Suite users will see more features added to the app, such as Chat and Rooms integration. The Meet tab will be available to all users by default, but those who want to disable it can do so from the settings and the "Show the Meet tab for video calls" option.

The integration is currently available to all G Suite users as well as anyone with a Google Account. The availability is gradual and it may take up to 15 days for the full availability of the feature to everyone.

Google has done it free service for all consumers by 30 September. However, after this date some features of the application may be restricted to G Suite accounts.

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