Android lock screen ads coming?

According to TechCrunch, mobile advertising company Glance plans to launch a lock screen advertising platform on Android devices in the US within the next couple of months.

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According to the publication, Glance is in talks with US mobile carriers and plans to roll out the specific ads to several smartphones next month. TechCrunch's source is a person "familiar with the matter" who asked to remain anonymous as "discussions are still ongoing and private."

Glance is a subsidiary of InMobi, an India-based mobile marketing platform. It is India's largest startup, as evidenced by its massive fundraising. He even managed to secure Google as an investor a few years ago.

Glance's software comes pre-installed on many Android devices, including Samsung's budget smartphones.

It's not an Android app in the traditional sense, which means you can't download it from Google Play. Instead, it exists in the Android operating system itself with the agreement of mobile operators, who market the devices. Glance is also an important part of Pragati OS, a custom version of Android developed between Google and Jio for budget smartphones like the Jio Phone Next. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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