Android and iOS: Top apps for early 2019

Android and iOS Top apps: SensorTower's new data for the first quarter of 2019 reveals the most downloaded applications on the two major mobile platforms.

The results were probably expected.

Overall, WhatsApp is the leading application on both Android and iOS platforms with more than 223 million new installations during the quarter.

It is followed by the Messenger app and the TikTok app. Facebook and Instagram are the next apps, bringing the number of Facebook-owned apps on 4 to 5.


"The top 10 applications were the same as in the previous quarter, with the top five maintaining their ratings from Q4 2018.

The Biugo video editing application and the PicsArt photo editing application were first introduced in the top 20 applications worldwide in the first quarter of 2019. New users from India helped both applications achieve new high levels of installation in the quarter. " he says the SensorTower.


As for the App Store, TikTok was the first application in the quarter with at least 33 million downloads, while the YouTube app is second. Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook were next to and once again make Facebook a top developer on the platform.

"The TikTok app was the most downloaded app in the App Store for the fifth consecutive quarter at No. 1. The YouTube app was No. 2 for the second quarter in a row. Twitter had 11,7 million downloads in the App Store in Q1 2019, making it the busiest app. It was the highest number of Twitter downloads since the first quarter of 1 with an increase of 2015% on an annual basis ", the company states in its analysis.

For the Android platform, WhatsApp was the first application with 199 million downloads, followed by Messenger, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

This time YouTube is far behind, mainly because the app is pre-installed on the majority of Android devices.

However, the YouTube Kids app showed an increase of at least 291% on a quarterly basis, reaching 29 million downloads in the first quarter.

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