Just released: Android N Developer Preview 2

One of the most important events of the year for many mobile phone users is the announcement of Android N, which is expected to be released in the coming months. Google as the first move launched the Android N Developer Preview, some time ago.Android N Developer Preview

Today, Google has made another important step that brings even closer the release of the final version of Android N. The second preview of the new developer's operating system is available for download.

According to Google, Android N Developer Preview 2 brings several important new features for both regular users and developers.

Those who have one of the compatible Nexus devices for Android N Preview Developer can test the new operating system. Google in this version added Vulkan, the new 3D rendering API.

With Vulkan you will notice a decrease in CPU usage and Google promises very impressive benchmarks.

In addition, the company has confirmed that Android N Developer Preview 2 brings launcher shortcuts so that apps can now determine which shortcuts users want to run on the launcher, which will help to perform faster.

The new version also launches the new updated Emoji Unicode 9. The new emoji design of the version moves closer to a more "human design".

Last but not least, the changes to the API included in the update as Google continues adds and refines great features, such as multi-window support, alerts, and more.

Details and download links in the link below




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