Android Q beta 2 comes with Bubbles for Everyone

Facebook Messenger fans will love the new notification feature brought by the new Android Q. It's called Bubbles and it appeared in the second beta of Android Q released yesterday.

In a suspension in Android Developers, Google describes in detail the new Bubbles feature and provides developers with instructions on how to implement the feature.Android Q

Virtually any application can use the new Bubbles notifications. They look like bubbles as their name says, and with a touch on your screen, you can do much more, like sending a message, viewing the whole thread, and responding instantly without having to start the application.

The first time a user receives a notification via the Bubbles feature from an application, they will be asked if they allow new alerts. Google propose programmers use Bubbles in messaging applications, notes, arrival times and phone calls.

The second beta is available for download from the Android Developers website.

Android Q is expected to be named and released sometime in the third quarter of 2019, with most features expected to be unveiled at Google I / O 2019 to be held in May.

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