Android ransomware changes the lock screen PIN

A new ransomware it targets Android users and is spread with the help of an adult application called Porn Droid. Malware changes the PIN on the device lock screen asking for 500 dollars as a ransom.Android Security ransomware

ESET Security Investigators have identified a new version of older Android / Lockerpin.A malware that is distributed primarily to Android users in the United States.

The new variant infects users through installed apps from unreliable sites, such as torrents and third-party stores, outside of the official Google Play Store.

Once it lands on the user's smartphone, the Android / Lockerpin.A ransomware asks users for administrator privileges to "install an update."

When he / she acquires administrator rights from the phone owner, Android / Lockerpin.A changes the PIN of the user lock screen using a random number.

This number is not sent to the attacker, which means that no one can unlock the screen even when the ransom is paid.

The only way to get rid of this is to start the device in safe mode and uninstall malware. As an alternative method, users can also use Android Debug Bridge to remove ransomware from their mobile devices.

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