Android: The most popular operating system goes beyond Windows

Android is officially the most popular operating system in the world in terms of Internet usage, according to new data released by StatCounter. Google's operating system has managed to overcome Microsoft Windows.

The figures released by StatCounter are desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile and show that Android today feeds 37,93 percent of devices connected to the Internet while Windows fell to second with 37.91%.Android

Undoubtedly, the huge growth made by Android in recent years has helped the big market share (over 80%) in mobile devices.
This has helped to overcome Google's winning Microsoft Windows and StatCounter describes it as "the end of an era."

"It's a milestone in the history of technology and the end of an era," said Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, in a statement today.

"It marks the end of Microsoft's leadership in the OS market world since 1980. It also represents a major development for Android, which held just 2,4% of the global market share of Internet usage just five years ago. ”

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Microsoft's biggest problem is that its mobile platform is hard to find, as Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile today feeds about the 1% of the smartphones that are in circulation. Some other investigations are raising the percentage at 1,3 percent, while others claim that the platform goes much worse, with a share of 0,5%.

Although the company is top in desktop devices, with Windows holding a market share of 84%, Microsoft is constantly losing ground due to the mobile platform that virtually ceased to exist.

Sales of smartphones are soaring in recent years, while PC sales are falling every quarter, it's just a matter of time before Android is able to overcome Windows, and it's probably a change that Microsoft itself expected to happen.

Redmond, however, does not seem to be interested in investing in mobile, at least not directly.

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