Android Wi-Fi longer battery life

The battery life on Android varies greatly from device to device. There are Appliances which quickly drain the battery, but also devices that operate for days without recharging.

Yes, there are too many factors that play a role in battery life: the battery itself, the device's hardware and screen, settings such as screen brightness, and applications that run on the device in the background.


Here's how wireless networks can play an important role in a device's battery life. Some Android devices are configured to maintain mobile data connection while connected to Wi-Fi while others are not.

While turning on mobile data has advantages and may need to be disconnected from Wi-Fi, it can drain your battery too fast.

If you have an Android device and it seems to you that the battery does not last, you should check the following setting in Device Devices Options.

Open Settings on your Android device.
Go down to what says System and open the setting.
If you see "Developer Options", skip the next two steps.
Tap on about
Press the build number repeatedly until a notification appears: "You are now a developer".
Click on Developer Options in Settings - System.
Scroll down and you will find "Mobile Data always active". Disable the setting.
If turned on, turn it on to turn it off.

Turning off the function will bring immediate results to your battery life.


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