Anirok Greek Orthodox calendar

Anirok is an upgraded version of Adman Calendar an application that was released 8 years ago.
It is written from scratch in a new programming language, in a more beautiful environment and in a more readable way.

Some features have been added and removed which make the program even more accessible to the user.

For its proper operation two essentials are required:

- Have the .DotNet framework 3.5 application installed. Most computers today are up to date with this application. In case you do not have it installed you can download it for free by clicking HERE. Also, the program in its first execution checks if this function exists and in case it finds that it does not exist, it displays a similar message.

- Also the form of the date must have the form "day / month / year", e.g. if the date is November 2013, 12 our system must have the following format 11/2013/XNUMX. During the first run of the program it checks the date format and to find out that it is different a message comes out that it needs to be changed.

CAUTION the date format change will be permanent on your system. In case you want to change it you have to go to the Control Panel.

At Anirok you will find information such as:

-The interpretation of the day
- The image of the Saint celebrating
-The phase and age of the moon
-The image of the moon
-The season
-The zodiac sign (with the Chinese zodiac sign). Both have their own interpretation
-Open the old calendar -Choose the Ancient Greek calendar (approximate) with the interpretation of the name of the origin in the months.
- Global events
- Pictures of public holidays
- Calendar
-Time change notification
-World days
- A brief diary
- Information on when Easter is coming
- Options to start with Windows startup
- Option to be in the tray.
-Reminder / Agenda

The program is based on the Greek Orthodox Diary and is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, provided the .NotFramework 3.5 version and above is available.

IMPORTANT: After the installation is complete and you "run" the program you will be asked for a password. The creator of the Application asks you to send an email here: so that they can send you the activation code.

Download the application

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