The 6 GHz band opens with Wi-Fi 6E

The US Federal Communications Commission opens at Wi-Fi the 6 GHz band and so on Wi-Fi 6E accepts the biggest upgrade after 20 years.

WiFi 6E

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC = Federal Communications Commission) announced today that 1.200 megahertz bandwidth in the 6 GHz band (from 5.925 to 7.125 GHz) will now be available for use without a license. The Wi-Fi 6E, his next generation Wi-Fi, will take advantage of the 6 GHz band to offer seamless wireless connectivity.

The Federal Communications Commission voted today to open the band in the 6GHz band for unauthorized use. This means that your router will be able to transmit the signal. Wi-Fi in addition to the 2,4 Ghz and 5GHz band it does so far, and in the 6 GHz band.

Once the new range is officially open for business, which will be done within the year, it will translate into faster, more reliable connections from the next generation of devices. The new range substantially quadruples the space available for routers and other devices, so it will mean much more bandwidth and much less interference for any device that can take advantage of it.

Τι είναι το Wi-Fi 6E at 6GHZ?
The Wi-Fi works with air wave transmission which are open for use by anyone. Today, it operates in two bands: 2,4GHz and 5GHz. Now, a third band is added, that of 6GHz.

Numbers make the difference. 2,4GHz travels farther, but 6GHz provides data faster. The WiFi 6E will be two and a half times faster than the current standard. The new 6 GHz band will be very useful for portable AR and VR devices. Think of a state-of-the-art VR headset that works without cables.

In direct terms, this means that if you are the first person in your apartment building to have a 6GHz router, you will have the best and fastest connectivity and no one will compete with you. But even as 6GHz routers become more common, several years from now, the point is that the wider range will allow signals to stay faster and more powerful than what we use today.

When to expect devices with Wi-Fi 6 in stores?
The first wave of devices that will use 6GHz at Wi-Fi is expected in the last quarter of 2020. However, growth should start in early 2021, when the Wi-Fi Alliance will provide a certification program for devices Wi-Fi 6E.

Manufacturers have been prepared for now. Already, chip maker Broadcom has announced a chip Wi-Fi 6E for mobile phones. Qualcomm said it was ready to support Wi-Fi 6GHz in next generation wireless products. And Intel has said it will have brands ready for January 2021. Two major router companies, Linksys and Netgear, have said they are on board.

Mobile phones are likely to be the first consumer devices to adopt the Wi-Fi 6E. After smartphones, tablets are expected to follow, and later in 2022 televisions.

How do you know if a device supports Wi-Fi 6E;
When you go to buy a new phone or laptop, you may see the box labeled "Wi-Fi 6 ”. This means that your device supports the latest standard Wi-Fi.

However, the “Wi-Fi 6 ”means that your device still works in the old range, so if you intend to buy some Wi-Fi device at the end of 2020, start looking for the tag “Wi-Fi 6E".

What is the trap?
It's important that America accepted 6GHz, but so should your country. And of course the European Union. There will be no particular problem in this. And if they are supposed to be approved, you will have to replace your devices to take advantage.

Current gadgets are not designed to use 6GHz networks (broadcasting was largely illegal), so you will not see the benefits until you buy a new router and a new phone, laptop or other device with a system on it Wi-Fi 6Ε.

Of course in a marriage of new and old technologies, they will eventually work on the old frequencies, but they will have no problem. You just will not be able to see the benefits of 6GHz.

What has this got to do with 5G?
Nothing. But, if you are even a little conspiracy theorist then you definitely see that everything has to do with 5G. Is not that right;

We do not want to insist on convincing you. After all, we have never been able to change the minds of a genuine conspiracy theorist. We will just tell you that 5G has nothing to do with Wi-Fi 6E at 6GHz.

5G transmits at 24,25-27,5 GHz and Wi-Fi 6E at 5,925-7,125 GHz. Not that 24 Ghz is dangerous, but what can we say now.

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