Anonymous capture because he threw Molotov along with a USB

In a strange search, the Belgian police found a member of the collective Anonymous Belgium when investigating an arson case at a local bank.

The offender, a 35 man from Roeselare, was originally arrested because he threw a Molotov at the Crelan Bank office in Rumbeke, a suburb of Roeselare, 2014.


The police watched the suspect because during or after the drop of Molotov he fell down USB stick.

The data in the USB led the police to a person we will only mention as Brecht S.

But a search in the suspect's home and an exploration of its history on the internet revealed a long history of cybercrime.

The accusations indicate that besides throwing Molotov at a Crelan Bank office, Brecht also DDoS attacks on Crelan's e-banking portal, managing to shed the site for many hours, many times.

In court, Brecht said he attacked the bank because Crelan executives refused to meet him after the disappearance of € 300.000 from his mother's bank account after divorce from his father.

He justified all his attacks as revenge for his mother's financial losses.

But the DDoS attacks were not an isolated case according to the indictment.

The Belgian police reported that Brecht was also an active member of Anonymous Belgium and Cyber ​​Crew hacking groups and actively participated in some of their operations, such as the FIFA hit, the international football federation.

Brecht also allegedly organized blackmail through DDoS to a pizza restaurant. Investigators said the suspect attacked and destroyed DDoS's restaurant's site and many times asked for a ransom to stop his attacks.

Brecht's investigation also exposed a hacker partner, 44 from Bruges, with whom Brecht had previously exchanged tools via Facebook.

According to Belgian website Het Laatste Nieuws, both involved in many other cyber attacks, but the researchers were unable to confirm them because Facebook refused to cooperate in the investigation.

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