Anonymous hit on the government website FEMA

FEMAThe Anonymous with a new message they claim to have gained access to the Federal Office for State Administration (FEMA) - a government emergency response agency. The hacktivists leaked information about its employees and officials FEMA.

The hackers in their message they say:
"This is a message from some of us, FEMA, to various world governments and their corporate companion lackeys who dwell in the shadows as well as 2.5 billion people who use the internet and have found that their right to privacy has were utterly destroyed, "

Anonymous deliberately concealed logins, passwords, SSNs and other details that could really threaten the United States, because as they say their intention is not to hurt anyone and they just wanted to send a warning.

Finally, hacktivists devoted this attack to their comrades, Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Edward Snowden and Andrew Auernheimer.

We are not fighting any government or corporation, we are fighting any enemy of freedom of speech and anyone compromising the right to remain anonymous online, without fear of reprisals from governments or corporations with legal authority or financial resources to destroy the lives of anyone who dares express opinions contrary to their own official line.

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