Anonymous leaked Epik server bootable disks

Anonymous's EUTNAIOA team claims that disk images were leaked from the server of Epik, a controversial US company that provided services to far-right organizations.


EUTNAIOA had previously leaked 180 GB of data from Epik servers, and many of them described the activities of far-right groups.

The previous leak included personally identifiable information, domain ownership files, SSH account credentials and keys, internal Git repos, payment histories and more.

The first leak was reported on the internet and was assessed as authentic.

Epik's latest stolen data leak contains "several bootable disk images from various systems" of Epik servers and is around 300 GB.

These are fully bootable disk images of Epik servers, and of course contain all the data contained in the hosting servers, such as passwords, API tokens and much more.

The leak was announced for the first time the DailyDot

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