Anonymous call for attacks on pages of the Swedish government

Following the police raid last week in Stockholm, which resulted in the confiscation of the servers of the Pirate Bay website, Anonymous intend to launch a campaign against the Swedish government's websites.anonymous hacking
The first message for the #OpPirateBay campaign was posted in Pastebin on Monday, announcing that the team will not remain idle.

"Movie groups and other companies have been pushing the police force for years to take down the site [The Pirate Bay], to no avail. But now it seems that the police have chosen to go against our rights and strip citizens of the most basic human right. This can not, and will not go unnoticed. We must take action against this intrusion of our rights. The time to act is now! "Says the text in Pastebin.
Today, however, a new message has been posted inviting them Anonymous all over the world to launch a massive attack on all websites belonging to the Swedish authorities and to infect them with viruses.

The reason, as mentioned in the message posted on Pastebin, is again the raid at The Pirate Bay, which is not considered acceptable by the group, which does not tolerate all kinds of censorship.

We do not know whether these actions will balance the situation, as the authorities will continue to do their job, regardless of the threats that are being published.

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