Anthem: Hacked America's second-largest insurance company

Hackers managed to invade the servers of Anthem, a health insurance company used by tens of millions of Americans. The hackers have stolen social security numbers, employment records, personal contact information, and more. A real treasure for online cheats.anthem hack

Η Anthem is the second largest U.S. health insurance company with approximately 70 million registered users. The company admitted late Wednesday night that it had been completely looted by criminals. "Tens of millions of files may have changed hands," Anthem warned as a result of the hack.

If your plan is branded by Blue Cross? Blue Cross and Blue Shield? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia; Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield; Amerigroup; Caremore; Unique; Healthlink; or DeCare, you are at risk - your data may have been taken by thieves.

Former Anthem customers are just as affected, the company said.

Anthem, based in Indianapolis, has hired security firm Mandiant to investigate the case. In accordance with official FAQ"No leaks of patients' diagnostic records or credit card details have been identified."

The company has also not ascertained when the databases were leaked or when the hackers managed to break into their systems. Last week, staff with high-level access to the company's systems suddenly lost access to the servers after hackers locked them out, changing their passwords.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the company says it is "doing everything it can to ensure that there is no further vulnerability in its databases."


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