Microsoft Anti-Phishing technology has come as an extension to Google Chrome

Microsoft has released a Chrome extension called "Windows Defender Browser Protection”(Windows Defender Browser Protection), which brings Windows Defender Anti-phishing technology and, by extension, Edge technology to Google Chrome.

Η extension works with the appearance of intense red pages whenever users are on a malicious links page. The warnings are similar to those displayed by Chrome itself through its Safe Browsing API, but their source for malicious links is Microsoft's database, known as the SmartScreen API.

Chrome users can use both APIs to track phishing and malware addresses. Microsoft SmartScreen API is not as well known as Google's most famous Safe Browsing API, but it works the same way and provides additional security.

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The NSS Labs conducted a related test last year on the security of the three largest web browsers, showed that the Edge (with the SmartScreen API) cut 99% of all URLs that contained "phishing", while Chrome detected only 87% of malicious links. The test results were, of course, republished by Microsoft on this page.

For history, Microsoft made tragic mistakes when it decided to launch 2015 for an incomplete version of Edge, but since then the browser has slowly turned into a robust and stable product, especially when it comes to security features. The SmartScreen API is a reliable technology, designed to be integrated with Edge in Windows 10, which can hardly leave security gaps, especially when it comes to cyber attacks.

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