Anti-WebMiner free web mining protection application

Anti-WebMiner is a free portable program for Windows-powered devices. The application adds additional protection to the system from various scripts that are used by web sites and are aimed at mining cryptos.

Web mining of crypt-coins, as mentioned above, is done through the browser, and scripts that support it are usually in the form of javascript executed by different web pages.

Although no one should be against it web-mining, the user should clearly have the option of disposing of the GPU if the computer resources contribute.

So if a website asks the end user's permission to do so, there is no reason to be upset. the issue exists if he does so without asking permission…

Here comes Anti-WebMiner which is a simple Windows program and you can run to block well-known mining websites using the operating system hosts file.

Basically, what the program does is that it redirects known web sites that contain mining scripts, so scripts can not be loaded.

  Hosts file: easily block web pages

The application displays an installation button. With your click, the app will add the domains to the Windows Hosts file.

Anti-WebMiner also has an uninstall button, which with one click will clean up the hosts file previously experienced.

Of course, you can always add domains to your system's Hosts file instead of "installing" the application.

The programmer constantly updates his domains list Hosts file in GitHub.

You can try the application from the link below:Αnti-WebMiner

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