Is it copying dikaiologitika?

The question is rhetorical because it copies. The finding concerns the publication of EDPPI: new decision to close subs4free, piratebay, gamato etc..

The gentlemen from dikaiologitika therefore decided to transmit the news from the page that published it first without reference to the source. Probably to put it more correctly, they used the URL of the EDPPI PDF as a source.

But let's look at their post as we recorded it now because we expect it to change very soon

The Committee for the Disclosure of Internet Infringement of Intellectual Property and Related Rights (EDPPI) has published a new decision which continues the closure of dozens of Greek and foreign websites.

The decision includes popular names of the Greek scene, such as various domains of gamato, xrysoi, teniesonline and tenies-online, and .se,,,, and substv .gr,, and many more.

The Anti-Piracy Authority also closed a significant number of proxy domains leading to and YTS domains.

You can see the pdf with the decision of the Commission and the more than 250 domains that close here.

The gentlemen from dikaiologitika changed a couple of words, and one of them mistyped it in their haste to publish the news "first"

closed and significant number

At this point, because we are not journalists, and because we do not have editors to correct, the author (the undersigned) used a repetition:

the Anti-Piracy Authority has also closed alot proxy domains that led to but also alot YTS domains

So, probably because they have an editor, they "corrected" the specific part. After that they considered that they wrote the article and served it as their own.

Before making this post, however, I gave them a chance:

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