antiX 17.2 The Greek Linux operating system

antiX 17.2: Straight from Thessaloniki the Greek developers of the GNU / Linux operating system antiX just announced a new distribution release: the stable edition of 17.2.antiX 17

Release notes are not currently available but will be published shortly its website antiX OS by the developer of the project anticapitalista. Distribution does not use the systemd system.

It is worth mentioning that the distribution is one of the most reliable and light distributions on the market. It is the basis for MX Linux, a very reliable distribution but with a larger footprint. The anticapitalist is in both projects.

See the video below with the features of 17.


AntiX 17.2 comes in the usual flavors:

AntiX-full comes with IceWM as default windows manager, along with Fluxbox, JWM (Joe's Window Manager) and Herbstluftwm, antiX-base with default DE Fluxbox, but also JWM and Herbstluftwm, while antiX-core-free without X11.

If you are interested in the "Greek" operating system you can download the first one antiX 17.2 ISO from the following link:

Full ISO


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