antiX 17.3.1 new ISO: Greek Linux functional

antiX 17.3.1: Straight from Thessaloniki… Two days after its release version 17.3 the developers of the GNU / Linux operating system antiX just announced a new distribution release: the stable edition of 17.3.1.antiX 17

For those who don't know, it's a quick, lightweight and easy to install distribution. It is based on Debian's "Stable" branch for x86 systems. The latest version of the project is antiX 17.3.1 which comes with new kernel fixes.

“It's mainly one point-release antiX-17.2 “Helen Keller” comes with newer kernel patch for vulnerabilities L1TF / Foreshadow and Meltdown / Specter, some bug fixes, updated translations, and some upgraded and new packages. ”

The new version has options for encrypting root, home and swap partition during installation.

Firefox ESR was upgraded to 60,4 (Quantum), PulseAudio and Pavucontrol were removed, Newsboat replaced Newsbeute, and others you can find in the announcement of the issue.

The announcement does not mention the reason for the release of minor edition 17.3.1

Distribution is available in four versions (Full, Base, Core and Net). Download the version you are interested in from the University of Crete server:

antiX-17.3.1_386-base.iso 27-Dec-2018 20:26 660M
antiX-17.3.1_386-base.iso.md5 27-Dec-2018 19:50 60
antiX-17.3.1_386-base.iso.sha256 28-Dec-2018 11:56 92
antiX-17.3.1_386-base.iso.sig 28-Dec-2018 12:03 310
antiX-17.3.1_386-base.iso.zsync 27-Dec-2018 19:50 1M
antiX-17.3.1_386-full.iso 27-Dec-2018 20:26 987M
antiX-17.3.1_386-full.iso.md5 27-Dec-2018 18:59 60
antiX-17.3.1_386-full.iso.sha256 27-Dec-2018 18:59 92
antiX-17.3.1_386-full.iso.sig 27-Dec-2018 18:59 310
antiX-17.3.1_386-full.iso.zsync 27-Dec-2018 18:59 2M
antiX-17.3.1_x64-base.iso 28-Dec-2018 02:16 635M
antiX-17.3.1_x64-base.iso.md5 28-Dec-2018 11:57 60
antiX-17.3.1_x64-base.iso.sha256 28-Dec-2018 11:57 92
antiX-17.3.1_x64-base.iso.sig 28-Dec-2018 11:57 310
antiX-17.3.1_x64-base.iso.zsync 28-Dec-2018 11:58 1M
antiX-17.3.1_x64-full.iso 27-Dec-2018 20:26 952M
antiX-17.3.1_x64-full.iso.md5 28-Dec-2018 11:59 60
antiX-17.3.1_x64-full.iso.sha256 28-Dec-2018 11:59 92
antiX-17.3.1_x64-full.iso.sig 28-Dec-2018 11:59 310
antiX-17.3.1_x64-full.iso.zsync 28-Dec-2018 12:01 2M 27-Dec-2018 19:59 25M 27-Dec-2018 19:54 67 27-Dec-2018 19:29 27M 27-Dec-2018 19:17 67 27-Dec-2018 20:09 67 27-Dec-2018 19:38 26M 27-Dec-2018 19:17 67




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