antiX 19.3 new ISO: The Greek friendly distribution

antiX 19.3: Straight from Thessaloniki… The developers of the operating system antiX They announced a new version of the distribution: the stable version antiX 19.3.

antiX 19

For those who do not know, it is a fast, light and easy delivery . It is based on the “Stable” branch of Debian and is very friendly to Windows users. The latest version of the project is antiX 19.3 which comes with new kernel fixes.

“All new ISO images are contain upgrades and -fixes of the antiX 19 SysVinit series.”

“Bonus (applies to version 19.2): – now there are also versions that run runit init also. Improved icon manager for IceWM. Improved cli-installer, 4.9.212 Linux kernel. 68.6.0esr, 6.4.1, IceWM upgraded to latest upstream version (1.6.5), upgrade elogind to version 243.7, updated ceni network manager but ConnMan which is default in all versions, various upstream upgrades of Debian.”

The antiX 19.3 version has not been officially announced yet, but will be available later today. However you can download the ISO from the following link.

The distribution is available in four versions (Full, Base, Core and Net). Below is the full:

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