AOC AGON AG251FZ the fastest AOC gaming screen

Available in electronics stores is the fastest AOC gaming screen. The AOC AGON AG251FZ stands out for 240 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time and Adaptive-Sync to ensure a totally smooth game without blurring in motion, tear or flicker on the screen. Extra comfort for competitive gamers offers premium screen features, such as the ergonomic AOC Ergo Dial Base and the AOC QuickSwitch keyboard.

With 25 16 9 1920 1080 251 format 24 240, the AOC AGON AG1FZ is not just an attractive choice for esports fans looking for a bigger screen than the usual size of XNUMX, but it also offers them extra incredibly fast display performance. The XNUMX Hz refresh rate and XNUMX ms response time allow for an extremely smooth game, while delivering perfect graphics performance without blurring in motion every moment, even during fast scenes. AOC

In addition, Adaptive-Sync syncs the display with compatible graphics cards to eliminate the tear or flick of the screen.

Gamers looking for maximum responsiveness will also benefit from the AOC Low Input Lag feature, which bypasses most of the video's internal video editing. In this way, players can see their moves reflected directly on the screen, a major advantage in competitive action games.

Like all AGON displays, AG251FZ has a choice of premium features that enhance the comfort, well-being and performance of professional gamers. These include a retractable headrest base, the AOC Ergo Dial Base with adjustable tilt, rotation and height (height range included) and a carry handle.

AOC Flicker Free also reduces the flicker to prevent eye strain during many hours of game play. In order to adapt the screen image to specific games, AG251FZ offers a variety of gaming settings (eg FPS, RTS and RTS titles) and AOC Shadow Control that illuminates extremely dark areas without affecting the rest of the screen . The AOC QuickSwitch controller that comes with the screen allows for easy adjustment of all settings.

AOC AGON AG251FZ is now available with a retail selling price of € 499.

AG251FZ specifications




25 "TN at 240 Hz


1920 x 1080

Technology Sync

(compatibleή with FreeSync)

Signal inputs

1 x VGA

1 x DVI

1 x HDMI 2.0

1 x DisplayPort 1.2

4 3.0 x USB
Sound out / in

Micrspeakerphone in / out


Ergonomic height adjustable base


1 ms GtG response time

Indicative retail price


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