AOC AGON the first 4K IPS model and NVIDIA G-SYNC

Η AOC presents the first 4K her model premium series Gaming monitors AGON. The AOC AGON AG271UG has an impressive 27 "(68,6 ex.) 4K IPS panel, which livens up the most recent games of the market with extremely detailed graphics UHD and precise colors. In addition, the built-in mode NVIDIA G-SYNC minimizes screen tearing, flicker and input delay, thus delivering a totally smooth and highly responsive experience Gaming. The possible screen performance is completed in a row premium characteristics designed to protect their health Gamers. AGON

So the AOC Ergo Dial Base offers ergonomic adjustment and height adjustment options, while technology AOC Flicker-Free prevents eye strain during long periods of time Gaming.


Smooth 4 imagesK

Modern graphics cards and video game consoles are already able to produce graphics Gaming in 4K UHD resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) to 60 frames per second. At the same time, game designers optimize their creations to shine with beautiful and detailed 4K graphics. With the AGON AG271UGThe AOC presents a 16: 9 screen that justifies game designers by taking off their creations. With an 27 "(68,6 ex.) 4K IPS panel, the screen offers impressive density pixel, which allows their worlds games shine with rich detail.

To look even better, technology IPS allows for extremely high color accuracy, which can be enjoyed from virtually any viewing angle (up to 178 °). In addition to the function NVIDIA G-SYNC, The Gamers enjoy stunning graphics to the fullest even during very fast scenes. Embedded technology G-SYNC, synchronizes its refresh rate AG271UG to But by the full GPU acceleration tech compatible graphics cards NVIDIA, thereby reducing screen tearing and significantly reducing flicker as well as input delay. The result is absolutely smooth 4 graphicsK and high-response game without distraction, which enhances the performance of each contestant Esports.

Just like the previous screens AGON, so does the AG271UG features a number of features that enhance the comfort, well-being and performance of professionals Gamers. For a healthy posture during play, the AOC Ergo Dial Base offers ergonomic adjustments to the tilt, rotation and height of the screen (height range included).

In addition, to keep the eyes of the players healthy and resilient, technology AOC Flicker Free reduces flicker to prevent eye strain while operating AOC low Blue Light reduces the potentially harmful short wave blue light. For added advantage in dark games, the operation AOC Shadow Control illuminates the extremely dark areas of the screen without affecting the rest of the image. The package is completed with a retractable headrest that allows Gamers to safely place their headphones between races Esports, as well as a particularly convenient carry handle to easily move the screen to different locations.

Η AOC AGON AG271UG will be available in April 2017. The retail selling price is 799 €.

Specifications AG271UG




27"(68.6 ex.) IPS at 60 Hz


3840 x 2160 pixels

Technology Sync


Εsignal equals

1 x HDMI

1 x DisplayPort

4 3.0 x USB
Audio out

Micrspeakerphone in / out


AOC Ergo Dial Base (height, tilt, rotation adjustment)
Built-in speakers

4ms GtG response time

Traffic in Europe

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Apr.thiol 2017

Indicative retail price


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