AOC AGON AG352UCG UltraWide with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology

The AOC AGON AG352UCG is the most immersive display of AOC's premium gaming screening range of AOC to date. With very small radius of curvature 2.000 mm, it puts gamers at the center of the action. NVIDIA G-SYNC technology delivers incredible smoothness and responsive gaming experience, minimizing image splitting, screen flicker and delay of input.

The UltraWide QHD analysis of 3440 x 1440 pixels comes alive with the highly detailed game world graphics on the 35 large screen (88.9). Smart screen presets, such as AOC Shadow Control and its highly comfortable features, such as the headrest and carry handle, make AG352UCG the ideal choice for esports professionals who can customize the look of the screen according to with their preferences thanks to colored LED lights. In addition, ergonomic adjustment choices and eye protection technology contribute to maintaining good health for players.AOC AGON AG352UCG

2000 mm curve and NVIDIA G-SYNC: AOC AGON AG352UCG

The AOC AGON AG352UCG features an 35 (88.9 cm) VA panel with UltraWide QHD resolution at 3440 x 1440 pixels that allows players to sink into the epic world of games with incredible accuracy and
detail on screen graphics.

With 21: 9 format, gamers enjoy a larger viewing area, which is not only an asset in several games but greatly enhances the gaming experience. This effect is further amplified by the curvature of the AG352UCG screen with the very small curve of 2000 mm. AOC AGON AG352UCG

The hollow screen enhances the viewer's perception of depth while reducing image distortion by adding a new level of gaming experience. The small 2000mm radius makes curvature and immersion even stronger than larger radius displays.

In addition to the high rate of renewal at 100 Hz, the NVIDIA G-SYNC AOC AGON AG352UCG on-screen technology synchronizes GPU refresh rates of compatible NVIDIA graphics cards. This eliminates tearing of the image while minimizing flickering of the screen and input delay. The result is absolute smooth graphics and gaming without distraction, allowing competitive gamers to excel in their game. NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology (ULMB) also gives players the option to reduce blur and ghosting.AOC AGON AG352UCG

Both the functions and the base of the screen offer a variety of options for gamers to set up AOC AGON AG352UCG according to their preferences. The AOC Shadow option
Control, for example, illuminates the dark areas of the image and darkens the bright spots without affecting the rest of the screen. In order to avoid eye fatigue during long race racing esports, AOC Flicker-Free technology adjusts screen brightness with a direct current (DC) backlight system that reduces flicker. Still, the AOC Low Blue Light option reduces the potentially harmful short wave blue light. To maintain proper body posture, AG352UCG has a highly ergonomic base called the AOC Ergo Base. It offers a choice of height, slope and rotation adjustment so that players find a comfortable position and prevent any back pain. With the convenient carry handle, AG352UCG can be easily transferred to LAN parties and events, while the headrest for folding headphones enables players to place their headphones in a safe place during breaks.

Combined with its impressive appearance and comfortable features, the AOC AGON AG352UCG also features an impressive and sleek design. Even better, the display of the screen can be tailored to the personal taste of the players or esport teams, according to their preferences. The LED lights on the back of the display and the AG352UCG bottom panel can be set in three different colors (red, green, blue) and three different brightness levels.

The model AOC AGON AG352UCG will be available in March of 2017. The target retail price is € 899.

AG352UCG Techspecifications




35 "Currή VA on 100 Hz


3440 1440 pixels x

Technology Sync


Signal inputs

1 x HDMI

1 x DisplayPort

4 3.0 x USB
Audio out

Micrspeakerphone in / out

Special characteristics

AOC Ergonomic base (height, tilt, rotation adjustment)

stereo speakers

4 ms GtG response time

2000: 1 Contrast Ratio

100% sRGB color gamut

Availability in Europe

Μeven 2017

Suggested Retail Price

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