AGON New Premium Series of Gaming Screens from AOC

With inspiration from the ancient Greek word "fight", the new series AGON it symbolizes struggle, rupture and competition. These are the basics that the AOC, a specialized display company, displays on the new set of monitors Gaming. The line AGON was created to offer the best features Gaming with the most special design in the wide community of professionals and fanatics Gamers. AOC_AGON_Lineup

AGON - Η new series Gaming of AOC

Η AOC plans to present ten different screens within 2016 premium technology, with IPS ή TN panels which they will offer Gamers the most complete experience Gaming. The line AGON includes and convex models of monitors with technology Flicker FREE which has been developed by AOC. All models are enhanced with either ® G-SYNC™, or with AMD FreeSyncTechnology.


ΑGON - Designed for top performance

Modern people Gamers increase the demand for optical precision and image quality on monitors Gaming. This finding makes it necessary to build the monitors Gaming with the latest technology and with a special design of the outer casing. The line AGON however, it aims to overcome it status quo.

That's why the default features of the new series monitors include: response time 1ms (TN), 144 Hz and higher refresh rates, great adaptability, speakers and doors USB 3.0. Dimensions ranging from 24 "16: 9 to XNUMX ultra-wide 35″, there will still be curved screens and so on from HD up to 4K. The combination of materials on the back lends to screens AGON a stylish and modern finish, set incl excellent him high-end gaming equipment.

The new series of monitors AGON is being presented today by ALL-star team Natus Win Dota 2 at a press conference in Beijing.

The first model of the series of monitors AGON will be available in the European market in June 2016.

Basic features:

Series AGON from AOC

10 new Gaming displays

G-SYNC and FreeSync

Technology AOC Flicker FREE

Ergonomic base with high adaptability

AOC Ranges Fashion

AOC No Lag Mode

AOC Shadow Control

Analyzes FHD, QHD and 4K

TN and IPS panels with 144 Hz+

Sizes from 24 "to 35"

Curved and standard displays The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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