AORUS based on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series

The new graphics cards in the series NVIDIA GeForce RTX extension 40 are here.

With the new highly efficient architecture NVIDIA To give Lovelace, the 3rd generation RTX extension, the graphics cards GeForce RTX extension 40 TV Shows are extremely fast, offering to Gamers and creators a quantum leap in performance, neural performance and many more leading platform features.


This huge advancement in technology GPU it is the gateway to the most immersive experiences Gaming, the incredible functions AI and the fastest content creation workflows. The specific ones GPU push state-of-the-art graphics into the future.

Graphics cards AORUS feature the iconic cooling system WIND FORCE of the family RTX extension 40. Featuring the new fan blades and a special surface design, the fan WIND FORCE Bionic shark increases static pressure by up to 30% while reducing noise level by up to 3 dB, compared to normal fans at the same rpm. The massive cooling unit with corner fins creates more surface area and cooling capacity than ever before. Combined with the vapor chamber in direct contact with the internal cores, multiple heat pipes and the enlarged chassis cooling vent on the back, the series graphics cards AORUS RTX extension 40 ensure top thermal performance, even in demanding loads.

Η GIGABYTE it also brings back an upgraded version of the signature lights RGB with triple ring, RGB Halo, on series graphics cards AORUS in the upcoming years, while GAMING OC RTX extension 40. This favorite feature, which offers adjustable lighting effects on the spinning fans, is sure to make any build to shine in style. The screen LCD Edge View on the side of the cards AORUS gives users yet another option to personalize their cards with text, images or Gifs. One can also monitor critical system health statistics such as power consumption, temperatures, RPMs, etc. with the LCD Edge View.

Η GIGABYTE will offer them AORUS GeForce RTX extension 4090 XTREME WATERFORCE, AORUS GeForce RTX extension 4090 MASTER (MPS), GIGABYTE GeForce RTX extension 4090 GAMING OC, GIGABYTE GeForce RTX extension 4090 WIND FORCE in October and the series GeForce RTX extension 4080 will be available in November. For more information, visit the website AORUS_NVIDIA_RTX extension_40_TV Shows The Best Technology Site in Greece
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