Uninstall the new Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Windows is installed along with the updates and the new one Edge. Η απεγκατάσταση του δεν επιτρέπεται μέσω των κλασσικών οδών αλλά αν δεν τον θέλετε μπορείτε να το διώξετε μέσω της γραμμής εντολών.

If you have installed the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) manually, then you can uninstall it without any problems. But this does not happen when Windows 10 installs it using Windows Update.

In this case the uninstall option for Microsoft Edge will be grayed out in Ρυθμίσεις, και δεν θα σας επιτρέπει να προχωρήσετε στην απεγκατάσταση του. Ωστόσο, μπορείτε να το κατusing the command line.

Microsoft Edge installed by Windows Update, update KB4559309, will replace the Classic Edge. The automatic installation takes place at 10, 8, 8.1, and 7. For these devices, do the following if you want to uninstall it:

1. Open the command prompt as an administrator

2. Copy and paste the following command:
A ……. If you are running Windows 64:

C: \ Program  (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\83.0.478.58\Installer

B ……. If you are running windows 32:

C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application \ 83.0.478.58 \ Installer

3. Copy and paste the following command:

setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging --force-uninstall

4. You can now access the old Edge or install the new Edge manually or use the uninstall toolbar to prevent Chromium Edge from installing automatically through Windows Update

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