Turn off News and Interests in Windows 10

News and Interests is now available to all Windows 10 users. You will see the new service as a weather reference in the lower right corner of the taskbar.

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Those who do Windows 10 updates know that monthly updates usually do not bring significant or visible changes. Traditionally, these updates fix bugs and security issues, leaving new possibilities in the semi-annual "big" updates. But that did not happen with the June 2021 update to Windows 10.

This time, the update that was released on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, brought a new feature to all users. This feature is "News and Interests". This is a part of your screen that contains various elements that Microsoft considers to be of interest to you. By default, it shows you the weather forecast on the taskbar, taking up a lot of space. Fortunately, you can collapse this box into an icon or turn off News and Interests altogether.

When you press the icon or just when the cursor stays on it for 2 seconds, then you will see a window where it will contain news headlines, traffic updates, weather information, finances, sports results, etc. You can customize the content of the News and Interests by changing the default location, weather modes, news language, or removing entire pieces of information.

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If you're wondering where Microsoft found what you're interested in, you probably do not yet understand that the mom of your operating system is monitoring you. Although this raises a lot of conversation as I have nothing to do with Athenian gossip and artistic cousins, nevertheless it shows me Lechou and what she was wearing, which I am completely indifferent to. However, in order not to complain, it gives you the right to adjust what you will see.

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Automatic window expansion when you hover over the weather forecast on the taskbar may be considered extremely annoying by many users. Fortunately, Microsoft allows you to turn off this behavior and open it with just a click. Finally, it is important to note that any content you try to open in News and Interests starts Microsoft Edge by default regardless of your browser default settings.

Microsoft does not provide any official way to open News in Chrome or Firefox, so fanatics of these two browsers will have to endure the whims of Microsoft.

The possibilities you have for the News and Interests service are the following:
Disable the service: Right-click on Taskbar> News & Interests> Disable.

Reduce weather report to icon: Right-click on Taskbar> News & Interests> Show Icon Only

Open with a click only: Right-click on Taskbar> News & Interests> Open Pointing

Personalization of the News: Open News & Interests> Click Manage (top right). It will take you to https://www.msn.com/el-gr/feed/personalize?ocid=winp1taskbar which you can configure accordingly



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