Unbelievable: Apple allows Self Service Repair on iPhone & Mac

Apple opens iPhone and Mac in DIY repairs. The company plans to start selling spare parts and tools for these devices, along with offering instructions on how to repair Apple products at home, without having to go to a repair shop.

Apple plans to start with the iPhone 12 and 13, followed by the Mac with the M1 chip. You will be able to replace the iPhone screen, battery and camera using Apple accessories initially, while more options are expected later.apple self service repair

This is a huge change from Apple, which has historically resisted the right to repair, and all repairs should be done by the same, or minimally authorized stores.

This week, Apple withdrew the software blocked Face ID to work if customers were replacing their screen.

Apple he calls the "Self Service Repair" program by "Self Service Repair" and will begin "early next year" in the US. It will then be extended to other countries. The company states that the program is intended only for "individual technicians with knowledge and experience in repairing electronic devices" and that most customers should turn to professionals. But it does offer an option for customers who believe they can do it on their own. Carrying out these repairs by the owners themselves will not void the warranty, according to TechCrunch, even if something fails you will be able to do it again.

It should be mentioned that the company already has a program for the sale of genuine spare parts to third party repair shops. Today's announcement gives its customers a chance to buy spare parts at an Apple price.

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