Avoid yellowing of your transparent mobile phone case

If you like transparent cases on mobile phones, surely at some point you will have seen yours turn yellow and lose its shine to your disappointment.

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Within a few months the transparent case of your smartphone turns yellow. The back of your phone doesn't look pretty anymore and it's generally a frustrating experience.

Of course you can buy a new one but that's probably a waste of money. See what causes your case to turn yellow, how you can avoid it, and what to do if it happens.

Why do transparent smartphone cases turn yellow?

To begin with, your brand new cell phone case is not fully transparent. By nature, the material is always slightly yellow. Manufacturers add some blue dye, making your eyes see the material as clear rather than yellow.

Also, most clear phone cases are made of silicone, acrylic, or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These materials undergo polymerization over time, mainly due to UV radiation and heat. Other destabilizing factors are oil and sweat from your hands.

This is why you will notice your smartphone's crystal case taking on a yellow tint within one to three months. Of course, the duration depends on the quality of the case and the degree to which it is exposed to the above elements.

How to prevent your clear phone case from turning yellow

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It is impossible to stop the process of yellowing the transparent case of your phone. However, there are some steps you can take to keep your clear smartphone case as clean as possible.

Clean your smartphone case regularly
How long has it been since you cleaned your phone case? You probably clean the screen regularly but neglect the case. We recommend that you clean it every one to two days. You will only need to use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away grease, fingerprints and dirt.

Due to daily use, your smartphone contains a lot of bacteria. By cleaning your smartphone and its case, you better maintain the hygiene of your device and slow down how quickly the transparent case turns yellow.

For cleanliness enthusiasts we additionally recommend removing your smartphone from the phone case every one to two weeks and washing the case with some mild soapy water. Then dry it as best as possible with a soft cloth and leave it for a few hours in the air to dry.

Keep your smartphone case away from heat
When cleaning or washing your phone case, do not use a heat-generating device such as a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Also, don't use hot water in an attempt to "sanitize" your case. All this will make your transparent smartphone case turn yellow faster.

Do not place your smartphone case under direct sunlight
As mentioned earlier, UV light is one factor that causes your clear phone case to turn yellow.

Don't leave the smartphone and its case right next to a window, where sunlight will likely come through the glass and fall on it. Place your smartphone in a cool, shady place.

Can you make your yellow smartphone case transparent again?

When your clear smartphone case turns yellow, most people will suggest you use strong cleaning detergents such as bleach to "clean" the tint.

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Soaking your phone case in a mild bleach solution will reward you with a clean and bacteria-free case. However, bleach cannot remove the yellowness and return it to its clear state. You won't see a difference.

It will clean off stubborn, waxy grime that coats the edges and corners of the case. Due to this thorough cleaning, you will find that your smartphone case will look slightly cleaner, thus contributing to a more transparent effect. However, the yellow will remain.

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You may come across other methods online: clean with toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, etc. These are just myths.

Additionally, do not attempt to mix and match detergents. The yellowed material remains below the surface of the case, where no solution can reach it. Mixing different detergents and agents can cause an unexpected, and potentially dangerous, reaction.

Alternative solutions when your transparent phone case turns yellow

Since you can only slow down the yellowing process of your clear phone case, let's look at some alternatives that you can try to avoid the problem altogether.

Buy Clear Polycarbonate Cases
Whether silicone, TPU, or acrylic, your clear smartphone case will turn yellow no matter what the phone accessory store trying to sell you claims. The cheaper the case, the faster it will turn yellow.

If you're willing to pay more, you can try transparent phone cases made of polycarbonate (you'll also hear it as Polycarbonate in English), which is more durable than the materials mentioned above.

Η Fusion Ringke and supcase are examples of company brands that sell clear polycarbonate smartphone cases.

However, keep in mind that polycarbonate will yellow one day too. Again, the causes are UV rays and heat. But for a longer-lasting transparent smartphone case, polycarbonate is the best material.

Try other case materials
Frequently replacing your smartphone case is an expensive sport. So that you don't get disappointed time and time again as you see your phone's clear case turning yellow, try breaking out of the clear case aesthetic. Choose a case made of a different material or simply choose one with a color.

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For example, you can start by exploring eco-friendly phone cases. You are sure to find one that suits your style and budget.

As many of us like to show off our personality with unique or custom smartphone cases, updating your style is a fun process. In this way, you can reduce the care costs of your phone and prevent unnecessary waste.

In conclusion
Everyday factors will cause your clear phone case to turn yellow. You can only slow down the yellowing process by cleaning the case and keeping it away from sunlight and heat.

Unfortunately, there's no real way to clean your phone case again once it turns yellow. If you still hate spending time taking care of a smartphone case, check out other phone cases that are easier to manage.

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