Right to return app, music and e-book to Apple

The users of its devices Apple who make purchases of software, books or music from the company's digital stores through iTunes, iBooks and the App Store have the right to return them within 14 days without the obligation to warrant a refund. An exception is what was acquired by cashing out a iTunes gift card.apple

No such change has been made to Google Play - where the refund is limited to 2 hours of purchase.

The ability to return apps, games and music paid for by Apple's online stores for its devices amounts to an informal free trial of content, the British press says.

In the case of music, the ability to rewrite songs could affect the ranking lists or even lead to copying songs available without the company's copyright management software.

Apple does not mention any terms that could restrict the right of reimbursement, for example by running apps or listening to music.

This means that the user could play within a given return time a game and then return it, an inexperienced commercial practice equivalent to buying a DVD, viewing the movie, and returning the disc with a guaranteed refund, rather than use.

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