App on Facebook tried to do last?

After her scandal Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has begun re-checking all apps (apps) from third parties. Among them was one which we used at for the posting articles on social media.

So last time we noticed glitches in the Facebook application, and I said to create a new one. Below you will see the hits I faced with the new settings - Facebook requirements…

At first I went through the process without anything special , off the beaten path...
Up to the point I had to ask for implementation rights.App

After I asked for the functions I needed my Facebook asked for more details.

Let's see it too, I said, and the surprises began:

For each additional feature I requested, I had to justify its use, but also upload a relevant one which will show how I use it! So enter these steps x2 and go below… (yes I made a video that explained how to use the functions I was looking for).

Then I sent the app I created for review. I had to wait two days to get approval. When I saw the approval message I was naturally happy, but I did not know what was waiting for me later.

Σύμφωνα με το Facebook έπρεπε να ορίσω μια επιχείριση, και να αποδείξω την ύπαρξή της με κάποιο λογαριασμό ΔΕΚΟ, ΑΦΜ, εκκαθαριστικό, αριθμό τηλεφώνου, etc.

‘Όπως βλέπετε στην παραπάνω εικόνα, ακόμα περιμένω.. Το θέμα να υπενθυμίσω ξεκίνησε με το σκάνδαλο της Cambridge Analytica. Να υποθέσω ότι και οι δύο βγήκαν κερδισμένες παρά το σάλο που ακολούθησε, αλλά αυτή τη στιγμή την πληρώνει ο τελευταίος dev, ως συνήθως.

And imagine that we never tried to collect data.

Finally, because you may think that the above procedure is over, the next screen has prepared me for what will happen if they register the company.

As you can see at the end of the process, I will have to sign a contract… Of course this application only application that does not resemble. It looks more like a plot of land! The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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